Dragon tails and a half rack!


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This past weekend brought another night out on the town with my Master. Per his specifications I was wearing a skintight micro-minidress, garters with fishnets and 5 inch heels, and my hair was pulled up into a high ponytail, leaving my neck bare and accessible for my thick, leather training collar and leash. Master took several photos of me before we entered the club, which confirmed that I had pleased him, and then in we went.

The night was busy, and there were many new faces mixed in with the regulars. An attractive blonde was draped across the half rack, nude, while her Master kept her aroused with various knives and other sharp items, which he gently teased her with all over her body. Several rope bondage scenes were in play, and the strike of hands on flesh echoed from several of the side dungeons. There were moans of pleasure coming from one side room, and Master led me over to see a Dominatrix teasing a scantily clad woman who was sitting in a BDSM electric chair. Before I knew it, she and I were changing places and I was sitting in an electric chair for the first time in my life. Working with the experienced Dominatrix, my Master alternated between gently teasing me with his fingertips to sucking hard on my nipples, whose metal ring shields conducted plenty of electricity! The small dungeon filled up with onlookers, and Master told me to spread my legs while he continued to torment me. My pussy was soaking wet, and Master sensed my need for release, as he led me across the main dungeon by my leash to a spanking bench.

He started with his hands, but I could heard the same Dominatrix talking quietly with him, and I heard a whistle in the air warning me that she’d provided Master with a dragon tail. Again and again, it struck down on my ass and thighs, sometimes landing with a crack, other times with a pop. I could feel the welts rising on my skin, and every time I felt I couldn’t take it any more, Master would speak quietly to me while rubbing my painful ass or fingering my dripping cunt… He ordered me to cum on his fingers, and I did so, easily and quickly, releasing my tension loudly.

By this time, the half rack stood vacant, and Master led me to it, helping me climb up to the very top so that I was draped across with my head going down the back, my tits and pussy exposed. He spread my legs as far as they could go, telling me he knows how much I enjoy showing off my pussy to strangers. He inserted my steel butt plug, then shoved an inflatable dildo inside my wet pussy. He started inflating it, wider and wider, with the hitachi magic wand on my clit. I was told to cum, and as I started to, Master moved to the other side of the rack, so that he could fuck my open, eager mouth, while continuing to make me cum uncontrollably. Every time his hard cock hit the back of my throat, my cunt would spasm, and it would feel like I was cumming again, over and over. By the time Master finished with my body, I could barely stand or walk… Just thinking about it has me dripping wet now!

Date night!

It’s nice to be back… Thanks to all of the visitors and all of the helpful comments. I was treated to a grand night last night, and am updating my blog accordingly, before my husband reminds me to do so. He prefers that I be cheerfully, eagerly compliant, and strongly prefers not to have to remind me of my place more than absolutely necessary. And, I absolutely want to keep him happy, as that is my top responsibility, so here I am!

Over the past few months, I’ve had a bit of time on my hands as my husband has been working largely out of town (hence, the lull in posts). Rather than be bored, I’ve undergone a bit of a transformation through diet and exercise, which has made my husband incredibly pleased, though he has had few opportunities to really enjoy it. Yesterday, however, I was informed that we would be going out to our favorite club that night, so that he could both enjoy my new figure and show it off. I spent the day preparing myself and our toy collection for the evening’s activities, and trying hard not to get too aroused in anticipation.

By the time we got to the club, I had already been fingered and teased during the ride, and my husband had stopped several times to purchase a new ball gag, larger butt plug and cigars… I could have cum without any physical contact whatsoever, but that wasn’t my husband’s plan, and I knew it.

We arrived at the club much earlier than usual, giving me time to get dressed appropriately: leather, steel-boned corset, micro-mini skirt, garter belt, fishnet thigh highs and 4″ heels. Though he definitely approved, my husband made it clear that he expects less clothing at future lifestyle events, so that he can show off my new figure, which was a lovely boost for my confidence. I got to sit with my husband as he enjoyed a cigar (which he knows I find very erotic) and outlined some of his plans for the night… As we sat quietly together, I thought of our vanilla friends and contacts, and how they suspect nothing of our kinky proclivities. My husband set me straight, however, pointing out that anyone who knows him at all would assume that we couldn’t be vanilla, even if they’d never seen us in the lifestyle… This thought was almost reassuring for me. It firmly establishes my role within our household, supporting him professionally and publicly, while being firmly HIS slut/whore/slave/sex toy/bottom/submissive simultaneously. I find this thought thoroughly fulfilling.

Anyway, back to last night- after smoking his cigar, I was brought back into the club for socializing (which my husband has made clear is my role. He loves his sexy social butterfly at lifestyle clubs and parties!) We met several other couples, but didn’t find any suitable female playmates, so I was brought over to the half circle rack for my first warm up. I was positioned face-down, arms spread out, and my new ball gag was strapped in place. As soon as he slid my skirt over my ass, I felt his bare hands swing down firmly upon my bare cheeks. Soon, it was the swish of the flogger, followed by the stinger, and when I least expected it, his fingers would find my dripping pussy or eager asshole and enter forcefully, bringing me to the edge of exploding. I could feel the crowd wandering closely, some stopping and inspecting my husband’s work, occasionally commenting… I knew my husband was proud to display me so vulnerably, proud that I belong solely and completely to him for his pleasure, and that thought made my cunt pulse even more.

I felt the butt plug pushing against my asshole, and was quick to reach back and hold my cheeks apart, which I knew pleased him as he breathed “that’s my good girl” and kissed my neck. Once the plug was in place, he shoved three fingers in my pussy and instructed me to cum on his hand… I held my breath, thinking of our audience, feeling the pulse of the music and my husband’s sexy body behind me and exploded with a scream of release that shook my entire body. He continued fingering me, however, making my orgasm last as long as he desired, and only when he was done did he pull his fingers out and shove them in my mouth. As I sucked his fingers clean, he turned me around and proceeded to fuck me hard, with my back against the rack. He pulled my tits out over my corset and pumped me fiercely until I was brought close to cumming again, at which point he pushed me to my knees and fucked my face. I gagged and choked on the length of his cock, with my hands locked behind my back, enjoying the taste of my juices on my husband, but long before I was done, he pulled me away and stretched me back out on the rack, face down.

I know he beat me full-force, I could hear the flogger or paddle or crop whistling through the air, but my head was so high in sub space the pain didn’t even register. I could have stayed there all night, and probably would have, but my husband shocked me with an unexpected reward, pulling my ass away from the rack, and sliding between it and me so that his mouth was directly on my cunt. He lapped at my clit, knowing exactly what to do, and I covered his face with my juice as I came again.

As wonderful as this was, it only covers half of our night… But, my pussy is dripping, and my husband has given me permission to cum before making dinner, so the “part 2” post will have to wait. Mmmmmmm…..

Taken back in hand forcibly


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To make a long story short, life got busy and the structure and balance in our relationship started to slip. I began to assert increasing control, and though things worked out ok for a bit, I began to flounder. I needed him to reassert his authority, give me some boundaries and remove the uncertainty I was lost in- topping from the bottom sometimes happens accidentally, but it can be very destructive to a relationship. The final straw for him was the evening I had not one, but two temper tantrums, in public, and then blamed my inexcusable behavior on him. I could feel things shift between us even as I yelled at him, but he let me worry until we were alone before making it clear that he had had enough of my attitude and would be reasserting himself as head of our household, effective immediately. And, though my stomach clenched with nerves, I also felt tremendous relief that I could let go of my efforts to be in control, and I became aroused instantly at the feel of his hand on my ass as he gave me a warning spank. At the first sign of further misbehavior, I was told in no uncertain terms, I would be taken over his knee- in public, if necessary- and corrective action would be taken.

Our relationship dynamic moved right back to our norm, though I realized I will have to put more effort into being actively obedient- I really am out of practice! I anticipated our first evening in private with a mixture of arousal and caution. I was sure I’d be thoroughly punished for my disrespect, but even the thought of that turned me on… Knowing that he was back in control was worth hours of penance, in my opinion! I imagined him sitting, naked, working on his laptop or watching tv or surfing porn- me, on my knees, with his hard cock deep in my throat while he fucked my face. He would make me hold my hands behind my head or back, so my tits would be vulnerable and available. He’d use the crop on my entire body, while making me earn his attention with my mouth… If I didn’t suck him off well, he’d ignore my efforts completely; when I did a good job, he’d call me his good slut… Mmmmm…

What actually happened was very different though. I was told to put on a thin white shirt and short skirt, and nothing else, and I was to wait for him on our bed. When he came to bed naked, he kissed me gently but passionately. He asked me whether I was prepared to be obedient and follow his rules, and whether I had any doubt about my position in our relationship- I assured him that I know exactly where I stand, that he is the head of our household and I submit to him fully. He then told me he’d be using my body for his pleasure, and that I would not attempt to refuse him anything. As he began to play with my clit, he told me to grab his cock and stroke it. When I squirmed from the direct stimulation and tried to get him to shove his fingers in my cunt, he forcibly pushed harder on my clit and refused. Sometimes, he told me what to do (“turn over with your ass in the air”, “suck my cock”), but mostly he just moved me where he wanted, and put his cock/hands/mouth anywhere he chose. Though I am always my husband’s sex toy, I don’t get to feel used and abused very often- this night I was. He sat on my legs and sparked me ruthlessly with his hands, then made me squirt before spanking me again, even harder. He slapped my face, hard, while I rode his hard cock, over and over. He rolled me on my back and fucked me until my pussy was raw. I was told to finger my ass while he watched, then he pounded my ass forcefully, with his hands around my throat. After he filled my ass with his cum, he made me keep my legs spread in the air and told me to fist myself, saying “I want to see how much my little slut can take”. Only after he was satisfied was I allowed to lower my legs.

Just thinking of being truly his in this way makes me so wet I can barely walk. I know I have lots more punishment to endure for my misbehavior, and I eagerly anticipate being retrained. I look forward to proving my compliance and obedience, as many times as necessary, and carry my bruises with great pride. I love making him proud of me as his wife, his slut and his sex toy!

Back again!


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Drama in the vanilla world kept me off line for a bit, so I’ll have a lot to catch up on as time permits. For now, I’ll start with this morning, since I’ve gotten wet every time I’ve thought of it all day!

First though, some background: two days ago, I stood in line at a store behind a woman who immediately caught my eye. She was tall, slender, and wearing black head-to-toe- black cropped jacket over a black tank top with black jeans and boots with silver studs on the toes and heels. Her nails, too, were black, but her hair was dyed dark red and pulled back in a long, straight ponytail. When she turned around, I noticed she was quite beautiful in a classic, Eastern European sort of way- in a word, stunning. When she took off her jacket, I saw tattoos on her upper arms and couldn’t help but be drawn to her larger than expected tits and slim waist- I was attracted to her. I also knew my husband would be attracted to her, and texted him right away. I wanted to know if punk girls like her were as much fun in bed as they look like they’d be– he said yes, the crazier the better. The idea of him in bed with this girl turned me on for some reason- not that I have any desire to share my prize, but just the idea.

So, this morning, I was woken being gently kissed, and before I knew it, I had my husband’s rock hard cock in my hand, stroking its full length. While he played with my clit, he whispered in my ear “tell me more about the punk girl”, and made me recount my deepest thoughts and desires. As I got wetter and wetter, he pulled me on top of him and let me cum while I rode him hard. I was so turned on!

After my second orgasm, he rolled me over and got behind me, fingering my swollen pussy with one, then two then three fingers. He fucked me again, pounding me urgently while fingering my ass, and told me to cum like a slut, which I gladly did. He slid out of me and put my legs together, sitting on my calves. He then began stretching my pussy, making me squirm uncontrollably. By the time he let me spread my legs, he was able to slide his entire fist into my swollen, dripping wet pussy with ease.

While he fisted me forcefully, he stroked his cock harder and as I came on his fist, he shot his load over my tits and neck, leaving me panting for air. I suspect that thoughts of my punk girl may crop up again in future, but for now, I’m a happy girl!

The search for decent porn



Per my last post, I dutifully wasted 3 hours last night to surfing for decent porn. My search was in vain, however. I realized that unless I was just seeking enough stimulation to get myself off quickly, I was out of luck with everything I found, mainly because the acting is so bad it’s distracting, the story lines detract from the eroticism and the horrible boob jobs are comical. Of course, I also realize that our sex life is far superior to most of what’s done in porn films- even our vanilla sex tends to involve anal, some bondage, breast torture and domestic discipline, and our kinky sex far more. Finding something to complement our existing standard is hard!

After a conversation with my husband today, wherein I clarified his instructions (to find something I consider erotic and sexy), I’m trying again tonight. I found a site full of recommendations for women, written by a women who is clearly passionate about porn, but is not cheesy about it: Smart Porn by Violet Blue. The first recommendation I followed from her site was truly vanilla, but also a definite winner. It’s a collection of sex scenes between actual loving couples, and I was surprised to find myself getting wet while watching the trailer for this one: Matt & Khym: Better Than Ever. Unfortunately, the preview for this one doesn’t include any explicit footage (because the couple featured are real life porn stars, I guess), but I saw enough to put it down as a maybe: Marie & Jack: A Hardcore Love Story.

I next checked out films by Andrew Blake, and wow- there is only one preview clip on the site, but this high-end sexy photography and ├╝ber erotic porn looks worth the price tag.

But when I’d done the research, and was turned on and ready to make myself cum, it was Kink.com that came through for my kinky tastes. Spanking, submission and sadism. Vicki’s Submission is even dirtier (and I love the bondage doggy-style position), and The Slave Wife was a definite turn on. Tales of a Submissive Housewife has to be my favorite though. I’m very glad I was given permission to cum in the course of this research!

Pushing my limits (another new assignment)



In the car on our way to the club last weekend, my husband gave me “homework” for this week while he’ll be working later hours than usual. He told me that I am to view porn every day and share with him links to anything I find that turns me on. This may not seem like a big deal to many people, but this is a HUGE thing for me. I have no problem getting horny watching porn, but sharing it with my husband, knowing that he’ll be turned on by other women (albeit porn stars) hits at a major insecurity for me. For all my kinky interests, I seem to have a mental block on porn and strip clubs within our relationship… Before we were together, my husband enjoyed porn, but out of respect for my feelings and insecurities, he completely stopped. It was one of the first times I realized how amazing he was, that he so easily said “porn is fun, but I love YOU. Anything that interferes with our happiness together isn’t worth it.” And just like that, it was gone, and the issue was closed. Once, at my suggestion, we watched porn together, and it was fun, but I still caught myself over-analyzing (is he turned on by what I’m doing, or by the professionally sexy porn star?) and we never tried again. Within the confines of researching bondage techniques, we’ve both surfed some BDSM sites, but not for stimulation.

So, out of the blue, he tells me that he’s reintroducing porn to our relationship. And though it is his option to force porn on me, especially within the parameters of our taken in hand marriage, he doesn’t want to do that. My husband simply wants everything sexually stimulating to be an option for us, and has come up with this assignment to help me ease into it.

If I’m completely honest, I’m aroused by the idea of including porn from time to time… The right porn is certainly a turn on for me! The idea of watching porn and masturbating, while my husband watches- or being fingered and teased while watching a movie, with him saying “look at my little slut- getting so wet! I thought you didn’t like porn!” Mmmmm… I love being punished for being his naughty girl!

I fully realize he could force the issue, and appreciate that he didn’t. But I also have the old, creeping insecurities coming back, and all I can do is look within our relationship to counter them. I can’t compete with their perfect bodies (but the body I have is the one HE wants). He’s going to be aroused by looking at and fantasizing about other women (which he’s hard wired to do, even without porn, but that has nothing to do with ME). And it’s at this point that I start to have an epiphany on two fronts: first, I’m attempting to top from the bottom, and while that may work in a typical Dom/sub scene, it isn’t tolerated in taken in hand, because it undermines the Head of Household, upon whom the entire relationship rests. Second, my husband, as my HoH, knows that I am imprisoned by this irrational insecurity around porn. My automatic “fight or flight” reaction is completely uncalled for, particularly within our committed marriage, and this is a flaw he will help me fix. He could continue avoiding porn, he could ignore the issue altogether, but he didn’t, because he knew the temporary peace wouldn’t fix the issue. I admire him so much for bringing this back up, and expanding my horizons… Now to find some decent porn that can complement our real live kinky sex life!

Party time at the club!



I eagerly anticipate one lovely night each month, when our favorite dungeon holds a kinky party where the usual rules are relaxed to allow more intimate contact. This weekend was super crowded, with a variety of people- different ages, sizes, shapes, the watchers and those who like to be watched, in their BDSM/dungeon finest fetish wear. Knowing exactly what my husband likes, I was in fishnet thigh-high stockings, garter belt, plaid pleated skirt, corset and thigh-high boots with 5″ heels. I also had my jeweled butt plug in place, and no panties. As soon as I was dressed, I removed the pair of ben wa balls that had been keeping my pussy well-lubed during dinner, and noticed that I was already swollen with anticipation.

We entered the main dungeon together, and walked around, checking out the scenes already in play and saying hello to a few familiar faces. One of the best things about decadence night is hearing people’s moans and grunts mixed in with the slapping, spanking and exclamations of pain. Knowing that I’m surrounded by people with similar fetishes to mine, some living similar lifestyles, who are also getting aroused by public play is incredibly erotic to me. When he sat down and pulled me on his lap, I was more than ready when he began playing with my clit, and sucking my tits. I was already ready for full play, but he was still checking out the other scenes, and enjoying teasing me a bit. When he pushed my knees apart, which left little to anyone’s imagination, I was well aware of a few gentlemen who were standing within easy viewing range, and knowing my husband was putting me on display made me even wetter. After teasing me a bit longer, I was told to stand up and face him, and as he pulled his erect cock out, he pushed me to my knees. I eagerly licked, sucked, and basically worshiped my favorite toy, knowing we were putting on quite a show for the whole room.

Before I was close to done, he pulled me to my feet, zipped his pants, and indicated a spanking bench in the middle of the room that had become available. I kneeled and he tied my ankles so that my legs were spread, then my wrists were tied so that I couldn’t sit up. He covered my eyes, and my sense of anticipation was heightened- before I knew it, the first slap came across my ass, with a second and third following. I didn’t try to count or to identify the tool used from that point on… But if I squirmed too much or protested, I would be spanked harder and faster. If I stayed still and accepted my fate, he might lean in close, whisper in my ear, play with my butt plug or finger my dripping cunt. But there was no rhyme or reason to it, and I was left completely helplessly on edge, all the while hearing movement and mumbling of people close by, punctuated by the moans and slaps of other subs in the dungeon.

With each strike of his hand, or paddle, or flogger, I felt his message clearly: you want this, you NEED this, take the physical boundaries I’m giving and make me proud! And it made me SO aroused knowing that he was so proud to show me off, thinking “look at my little slut, my sex toy who is all mine, who shows what a horny cunt she is for an audience!” When he slammed his cock in my pussy, I exploded in a matter of seconds, I was so turned on and couldn’t hold off any longer. Every time he’s brushed past me, or slapped my ass since reminds me of this wonderful night, and I can’t wait for next month!



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It’s been a slow week, thanks to travel and an injury that put my husband completely out of commission. I’ve been focusing on helping him recover, and holding down the fort, so to speak.

He surprised me recently after breakfast by telling me to take off my panties and meet him in the bedroom. My initial thought was that we didn’t have time, that I had planned out my morning and that it didn’t include morning sex- I’d already taken a shower and everything! But my next thought was of how lucky I am to have a husband who makes intimacy such a priority in our marriage, and who desires and wants me completely. My feeble excuses seemed pathetic suddenly, and I felt ashamed that I would even think of attempting to talk my husband out of something he has every right to, 24 hours a day- his wife’s body.

Without him saying a word, I was chastised and remembered my place and role in our marriage, and I realized I still need to work on ensuring that caring for his needs is my top priority.

When he joined me in the bedroom, my panties were off (along with all my other clothes) and there was very little foreplay… I got to start my day choking on his thick cock, which is unbelievably erotic for me, especially when his hands are tangled up in my hair, pushing himself further down my throat. When he pulled out of my mouth, he told me to stand by the bed and bend over. He inserted one finger in my ass, then two, and soon had pushed his hard cock deep inside me. He told me to rub my clit and cum while he fucked my ass, and I was relieved to get his instructions at that moment, because I was already ready to cum! Before i knew it, my pussy was dripping with my orgasm, and he came soon after.

We collapsed on our bed, and he pulled me close, so I could lay my head on his chest. With our legs tangled together, he told me he loved me and kissed me so deeply that I had no doubt whatsoever.

My first time


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Another first for me last night, but this one wasn’t so nice. I didn’t follow directions for two days while we were apart, and I didn’t get my jobs done, and though I had really good reasons why, I still let him down. He had no choice but to punish my disobedience, and I strongly suspect he hasn’t finished yet. He started out very gently, kissing me, touching my body- it was a welcome change from the spanking I had been expecting. However, as soon as my breathing intensified, he would stop what he was doing or would shift positions. I quickly realized this was his intent. We fucked, and I’d be brought close to orgasm, and he’d pull back and watch silently. Once my breathing slowed, he’d fuck me more, using my body purely for his pleasure, rolling me over, telling me to stick my ass up higher, making me finger myself, play with my clit, or finger my own ass. My pussy was fucked, then my face, with his hand keeping me from pulling back off his cock. He constantly kept me on the verge of exploding, but never let me have that release. Finally, after I begged over and over, he fucked my ass, but I was still prevented from cumming. If I asked for permission to cum, he asked if I’d been a good girl while he was gone, and followed his instructions. When I said “no, Sir” he went back to ruthlessly fucking me like an anal whore. If I started to build up to climax, I was told to count until my pussy relaxed- he finally exploded in my ass, filling me with his cum, and I was told to clean myself. By this morning, I have a sore swollen cunt, and a well-used ass, and a lot of pent up frustration. Every time he sees me, I’m reminded of my place as he rubs my clit or grabs my tits as he asks “are you going to follow directions today?” So, I’m off to do just that… My first time being fucked with absolutely no satisfaction has left me desperate for a huge orgasm!